Friday, May 4, 2012


Heard a powerful knock at the door this morning. Just knew it was the law. They asked me to step out and cuffed me up. They then went in my house and searched various places while explaining they were doing this to anyone who had a Robbery offense.  The fact that mine dated back to 1992 and was an non-controlling offense meant nothing they said. Remember in 2007 this same scenario played out but I was arrested aftr they found .02 grams of drugs in a shoe. That case had my facing my 3 Strike for over a year until I plead guilty and took 6 years in fear of going to trial getting life sentence cause of my past. That time they came I was home alone but this time I was with my son, nephew and Mother. Not cool at all. Crazy that prisons are overcrowded and these police are coming to our houses looking to put us in a cell again. I could see if I was in the streets doing wrong but DAMN. Can't wait to get off parole. This is a game to these folks.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

By Any Means Necessary

Clearly the Religious Right wants Obama out bad enough that a majority of them will vote for a man "they" say belongs to a cult (Mormonism). I wondering if they want this negro out bad enough to the point they would elect an openly gay candidate?

Monday, April 16, 2012

The distorted thinking and Hypocrisy.

It is a trip how Hip Hop critics/"street niggas" hate on Don Tripp, feeling he is copying Lil Wayne flow to get rich. If that was the truth who cares? They can't respect that as "hustle" but selling poison to the community to get rich you respected? I'm so confused.

Youngsters Getting it in.

While on way to park to do my cardio I stroll by some bushes and with my peripheral vision see what I assumed to be a homeless sleeping. Thought it rather odd based on the neighborhood but nothing amazes me these days. Although I strive for so much more (prayerfully for all the right reasons), I still was left to realize how blessed I am even with what I'm working with right now. Anyways, about 2 hours later I walk by the same spot and see it actually a teenage couple dusting each others' backs off. WOW!! And here I was just saying nothing else amazes me these days. lol

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Some men are saying to women that they need to get "things" right in their life before entering another relationship. Some females are saying to men that they need to get their "heart and trust" back right before entering another relationship.Certain this has been used at least once as an excuse by someone who just wasn't that interested in the other person.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

To the dudes quick to call Black Women Bitter, Non-Supportive and full of Attitude

At the end of the day homey, certain stereotypes are more touchy/sensitive than others. These directed toward sisters by your female friend would be one of them examples clearly. Because of all cheating and abuse by immature wanna be playa brothers, many sisters have sadly allowed themselves to become the way they are. Bitter for example. We have really hurt many of them with our foul ways. I't's really messed up for us brothers to now turn around and attack them for becoming what we are somewhat responsible for them becoming while praising another color of women. Especially white women. lol We all know some brothers just aren't built for sisters so they shake them like the plague. And some dudes are just trying to get over on the ones perceived to go for more "okey doke". That itself is a stereotype toward white women since we know many white women aren't going for the bullshit like so many sisters. We all need to take more responsibility for our actions and start treating every race of women more accordingly

Monday, April 9, 2012

Just my thoughts

Hate even entertaining the thoughts of returning to illegal activity even for a minute. Would be lying if such thoughts haven't been surfacing more lately. This not job no car having ordeal is very stressful. Must keep reminding myself that the stress in a cell would be so much worse.